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13th International GTG Zurich

6th August 2005, at Zurich-Hoengg

Pictures by Benno Faessler, Text by Jean-Patrick Enz

(Also see more pictures of the KNUBI layout) 





H.Peter Hess (Germany) preparing his demo layout, and arranging some TRIX DC 3-rail locos

Renate and Bernd Tauert (Germany) discuss setting up their display ...

...which included a well-labelled collection of diesel and electric locos and ...


...fine work on a 4-6-2 Pacific loco chassis with re-built motor with flywheel.

Setting up in the garden: “Beware of the dog!

Franz Nowack (Germany) enjoying the day, and looking forward to some swaps ...

... for example, this rather nice TTR Scotsman presentation set.

Outdoors: “Beware, man at work!” Many thanks to Hansruedi Witschi, Switzerland for his very important barbecue.


Now everything and everybody is ready indoors …


...but the smalltalk is going on under the tent…

…and serious expert talk under the tree!


Penny and Martin Drayson (England) providing Klaus Baetke (Germany) with spares…

…and Barbara Enz and Roswitha Krauss (part of the catering team) supporting with refreshments!

A host of goodies on the exhibition table…


…like this quite rare TRIX ship in excellent condition.

The experts take a closer look

TRIX EXPRESS (DC) DB class E94 electric loco (0-6-6-0) with customized livery!

A very special dealer TRIX sign found in Milan, Italy (foreground) and the rake of rolling stock by JUNIOR OO (Swiss brand) for TRIX EXPRESS (AC) (background, first line of rails)

Other goodies were on display in the garden, including an original dealer display for Aristo Crafts’ TRIX dump wagon on the right and a replica item on the left, (both of Guenther Krauss)


T.T.R.C.A. members and TRIX enthusiasts of many European countries (GB, NL, D, CH) attended.

A beautiful collection of boxed TRIX EXPRESS accessories (part I)

TRIX EXPRESS accessories (part II)


TRIX EXPRESS accessories (part III)


A customized turntable for TRIX DC 3-rail-system. This version is the later MARKLIN type.


Congratulations to Henri Marthaler from Switzerland for attending the annual Zurich GTG for the 10th time!

Congratulations too, to Eckhard Samtleben (Germany)


Whether 10th visit or first, a memorable day for all TRIX enthusiasts.

(Also see more pictures of the visit to the KNUBI layout) 


Photos from TTRCA and Trix Express Event in Zurich, Switzerland, 2005


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