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13th International GTG Zurich

7th August 2005, at the KNUBI in Waedenswil

Pictures by Benno Faessler

KNUBI stands for the first letter of each club member's name: K = Kern, N = Nufer, U = Ulrich, B = Bernet & I = Isler.


Trix Express



Visitors to the Zurich GTG were treated to a visit to the mammoth KNUBI layout, a spectacular multi-level scenic display. The main interest is for the TRIX EXPRESS 12V DC system (12V DC) and there are about 330 meters of TE track. The layout is built over 7 levels.

The long track sections enable scale length trains to be run - here is a double-header with 15 tank wagons.

As some of the members are interested in other systems they have also incorporated a double circuit of 2-rail HO gauge track. In between the HO 2-rail and the HO 3-rail (TE) systems they are underway with to combine a third system: HOm 2-rail 12V DC, used by BEMO and other German manufacturers.

Visitors can watch shots on the TV monitor taken by a camera mounted in one of the trains operated on the 2-rail HO track. Mostly American trains by Athearn, Kato etc. are run on the 2-rail circuits. If Swiss rolling stock is shown, it is from ROCO and others.

The motive power provided by SBB Class 420 and 620.

KNUBI started their layout some 7 or 8 years ago. When it is finished, the electric wiring and fully automatic control system can run up to seven trains at the same time. The TE layout section is a large and sophisticated "dogbone" layout.e entered the phase of creating the landscape

The old and new ready for the green light ...

Trix Enthusiasts like to run there the Rivarossi models from Trix Germany made for the HO 2-rail 12V DC system between 1962 until 1965.

SBB Class 482

Twin-motor DB E50 on an uphill gradient


DB E10 with a ballast train


One of the specially designed control panels

The trackwork is functioning, but there is much scenic work still to be done


E94 and freight train. Note the large girder bridge in the foreground


DB Class V160 passes railcar units

Photos from TTRCA and Trix Express Event at the KNUBI, Zurich, Switzerland, 2005


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