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Update 2nd January 2021 
We are sad to announce the death of John Hopkinson on January 2nd, quietly and peacefully at his care home.
He was a long-term and popular member of the TTRCA and very well known for his superb repaints of Trix models. 
Tributes will be published in the next Gazette.
His son had provided information on http://repaints.hopkinson.net 
Dave Norville adds: We are aware that John had a number of jobs 'in progress' for various customers, 
so we will be identifying those and returning them to their owners in due course.
Update 3rd February 2021
From the Chairman, David O'Brien:
As you know, the TTRCA Committee cancelled the TTRCA UK meetings scheduled to take place in 2020. The Virus situation is still too unpredictable to be able to hold the 2021 Middleton Cheney event in late March or the Leicester event in May. I do expect to hold Gaydon International in September.

Class V

LNER Scotsman
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The TTRCA was formed in 1975 to bring together model railway enthusiasts who are interested in the collection and operation of Trix Twin, Trix Express, and Trix 00 and HO gauge electric model trains manufactured between 1935 and 1973. The world of Trix collecting also includes Liliput branded items and Trix Construction sets. The Association currently has over 600 members worldwide, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the USA. Join Now.


The TTRCA Gazette is published four times a year and is issued free to all members. It features articles on collecting, historical information, and how to repair and maintain locomotives and accessories. There are articles from members on anything and everything to do with Trix, news of Trix events, and advertisements covering members' sales, wants and exchanges. See a sample copy on the Gazette page: click
All Gazettes, dating from 1975 to the latest edition, can be downloaded by members for viewing.
The TTRCA organises the manufacture and sale of replica spare parts. It has built up a comprehensive range of spares for members to restore Trix trains to their former glory and keep their layouts running smoothly. Advice and guidance is given on technical aspects of repairing and maintaining locomotives and working accessories. Recent additions are the Meteor Wiring sheet and the Whistle repair sheet.
TTRCA events are arranged by members of the association. These highly popular gatherings enable members to run layouts, discuss collecting and maintaining Trix, obtain spare parts, and visit the sales tables which have an abundance of Trix items for sale. TTRCA meetings are held several times a year including the Midlands, West, York and Sussex.  See recent photos on the EVENTS page.
Members' Trix websites and items for sale can be found on the LINKS page.

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