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This was the 25th Zurich Get-Together organised by Jean-Patrick Enz. 
This special badge was awarded to everyone that attended the event.




Organizer J.P. Enz welcomes 70 visitors, including members and Trix enthusiasts from Switzerland (49), Great Britain (8), the Netherlands (2) and Germany (11).

TTRCA Secretary, David Holmes, thanked Patrick for all his hard work, and presented him with with two personalised Pullman coaches mounted on a display track.



David Holmes, Patrick and Barbara Enz, with the presentation coaches displayed on the table.

Uwe Ifflaender delights Patrick with some non-Trix gifts while Norbert Gerharz peeks to see what's going on.

Peter Anderegg thanks Patrick for all the good times at Zurich, but what might be in the box?

The mystery box: post-war French tinplate Renault lorries and trailers presumably made by the famous Maison Gobin-Daudé in Paris, the company that represented Trix in France in pre-war years.

Patrick thanked Penny and Martin Drayson (TTRCA spare parts service) for their attendance at 20 of the Zurich events.

Swiss visitors, Richard Aerne, Beat Schmid and Peter Anderegg..

Martin (in blue shirt) and Penny managing the spares table


Zurich wasn't all Trix talk (Jacqui with Judith Holmes).

The 'Zurich Express' TTR Compound wearing its celebratory badge.
As usual, there were Trix rarities on show ...

Trix Express coach, look carefully for the unusual printed number ...

Rare 21/152 TRIX EXPRESS 1st class passenger coach for export to UK and USA, with white window frames, grey roof and 1939/40 couplings. It's rare because 21/152 coaches appeared in 1936/37 in this livery with cream roofs, whereas coaches of 1939/40 with grey roofs should have the number 21/160 (courtesy of J.P. Enz).
Note: 21/151 and 21/159 were the corresponding baggage cars.

Rare 1935 TRIX EXPRESS 20/51 loco with disc wheels, restored by Ueli Leibacher. Also 20/155 CIWL baggage car of 1936 with yellow window frames.

Organizer J.P. Enz talking Trix with Werner Bregenzer, René Glatz and Peter Hildebrand.

TRIX HO tender loco class Eb 3/5 (2-6-2) and long wheelbase 4-wheeler baggage and passenger coaches made by Lilliput. Converted to the TRIX EXPRESS system by René Glatz (courtesy of Werner Bregenzer)

TRIX EXPRESS DB class 92 tender loco 0-8-0 with a historic passenger train of 4-wheel baggage and passenger coaches made by RöWa for TRIX EXPRESS (courtesy of Werner Bregenzer).

Rare 20/52 TRIX EXPRESS electric loco of 1935 with disc wheels, with an original box for the later 20/55 version (by courtesy of Norbert Gerharz).

An amusing 'special' made from a TRIX EXPRESS BLS electric loco mounted on a single motorized 6-wheel bogie from DB class E50 electric loco (courtesy of Norbert Gerharz).

Hand-made 32-wheel weltrol with brakeman’s hut made by Swiss model maker H. Thommen, in approx. 1951. H. Thommen is also well known as a model maker for the Swiss brand JUNIOR, gauge 00/H0 (from the late Cuno Clénin collection).

Rare post-war 29/56 TRIX EXPRESS 2-4-2 tank AC, made for the USA market. The loco has the 'spoon' auto-uncoupling to fit the hooks on the TTR PECO-style couplings.

In the evening some of the attendees met at a nearby restaurant. The picture shows from left to the right: Rudi Witschi (our Grill-Master), JPE, Renate Scherberich, Bruno Fischer and Peter Anderegg.



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