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23rd International GTG Zurich
August 2015

Visitors included several UK TTRCA members 







Jean Patrick's customized German TRIX EXPRESS E94 Crocodile in epoch II grey-blue livery (TE 760/2)


Prototype of an articulated mallet (0-6-0)+(0-6-2) of the Gotthardbahn (GB) class Ed 2x(3x3). The model was made by Ulrich Leibacher from two TRIX EXPRESS (TE 2203) German class 64 tank locos.


A prototype of a 0-4-0 loco of the GB; made from a TRIX EXPRESS TE 20/52.


Customized COOP electric (TE 20/55 DC) with the pennant of the canton of “URI” hauling customized 4-wheeler passenger coaches (“Donnerbüchsen”).



A Western Diesel loco project, destined to become a Liliput (Austria) version with continental
couplings and other modifications.


Where the Western Diesels are, there are bulk grain P.O. whisky wagons; a selection of 6 fitted with Liliput Continental couplings.


A selection of professionally painted German P.O. Diesel locos, class V100 (TE 2267).
A diesel rail car, class VT 98, in red/cream livery is at the back.


Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) electric, class De 4/4, converted to the TRIX EXRESS system from a ROCO HO DC model.


Jürg Reichert was presented with a red pennant by event organiser, Jean-Patrick Enz, for attending 20 Zurich GTGs.


A JUNIOR OO right-hand manually operated point connected to Trix Bakelite track. It was made around
1946 when British or German TRIX could not supply points immediately post-war.

TTRCA spares service busy in Zurich, thanks to Penny and Martin Drayson.

Rare hand-made prototype British TRIX Lorry with clockwork motor, made by Mr. M.J. Catalani in the 1950’s.


Also rare: a French GYRO-TRIX Citroën breakdown lorry. Missing parts have been replaced with brown cardboard to indicate the original design.


Zurich 2015


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