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th International GTG Zurich
August 2012, at Zurich-Hoengg

Photos by Benno Faessler

Members and enthusiasts were honoured for their 16th or 20th attendance (Super Champions) or 10th attendance (Champions). From left to right: Felix Menzi (Super-Champion IG TRIX EXPRESS), Martin and Penny Drayson (Super-Champions TTRCA), Hansruedi Witschi (Champion TTRCA), Jean-Patrick Enz, the Jonkers Family with Juergen, Frans L and Emmie Jonkers (Champions TRIX EXPRESS Club, Holland) and Franz Nowack (Super-Champion TTRCA).






Model of the Pacific loco class A1 Peppercorn, numbered 60164 and named “Sir Patrick Enz” awarded to JPE in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Zurich meeting by Franz Nowack and John Hopkinson in the name of the TTRCA.

Model of the newly built Pacific loco class A1 "Tornado" 60163. Modified from a Trix "Peppercorn" by Franz Nowack and John Hopkinson.


Rare in Switzerland, a pre-war TTR Class A3 LNER 4472 Scotsman, in excellent condition together with an Italian electric loco FS class E428, made by Fleischmann, converted to 3-rail DC system by the German workshop Schnabel, with metal superstructure (in background with red box). At the front:TRIX EXPRESS German DB open high side wagons, type “ESSEN”, with special tarpaulin for Briquettes by KoTol.

By Bruno Fischer: a universal electric point for Trix silver track, enabling the operation of 3-rail- and 2-rail rolling stock. The flexible centre piece is connected to the current, polarity depending on the direction of the points.


In discussion about Swiss prototype locos: Beat Buehler, Ulrich Leibacher, and Peter Anderegg.

Part of Peter Anderegg’s display of TRIX EXPRESS models found in Switzerland, supposedly hand-made for the Swiss market before WWII. In photo: Swiss electric motor baggage coach SBB-CFF, class Fe 4/4, and Swiss electric locomotive SBB-CFF, class Be 4/7, both based on the TTR Southern Electric motor coach chassis. In front: German DRG bogie coal wagon, type “Erz IIId”.

Hand-made French SNCF electric loco, class BB8100, based on a Southern electric motor coach chassis and with metal superstructure (displayed by Franz Nowack).

Outdoor tables in the summer sunshine.

Indoor tables included TTRCA spares managed by Martin and Penny Drayson.

German electric motor coach, “Ruebezahl, Master of the Mountains”, based on a Diesel Flier. Hand made by the late Gerhard Riess, of Germany, and displayed by Richard Aerne courtesy of Alex Fickert.

Curious model of a Swiss electric SBB class Re 4/4, based on a TRIX EXPESS chassis of a German electric DB class E10. It has a card kit superstructure, at one time on sale in Switzerland (displayed by Bernd Haase).

The exhibition table with many rarities, curiosities and oddities on display.

Martin and Penny Drayson receiving a Super Champion award for their 16th Zurich attendance, and Hansruedi Witschi, awarded Champion for his 10th attendance.  

JPE being congratulated by Franz Nowack, representing the TTRCA, for organizing the International Summer event for TRIX EXPESS and TTR at Zurich-Hoengg over 20 years, 1992 – 2012.

Barbara Enz congratulated by Franz Nowack for her support and hard work during the 20 Zurich events.



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