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18th International GTG Zurich

August 2010, at Zurich-Hoengg

Photos by Benno Faessler and Martin Drayson






The Exhibition Table

Top row includes TTR American rolling stock

Second row includes British Trix plastic wagons 

Third row features rare Trix Twin demonstration loco and matching 'TTR' coaches.

Fourth row includes Swiss 'Junior' train from the 1940's and TTR tinplate wagons.

Fifth row:
Trix Cadet Loco, Bassett-Lowke wagon, TTRCA Macfisheries containers, Refrigerated container, Carter Paterson and Bluecol containers, and TTRCA special tankers.

Sixth row:
Trix Express E10 loco in Swiss livery with 'Junior' coaches of 1948.

The wooden station is True Scale UK manufacture, not Trix

Close up of the display shows plastic Macfisheries containers and 'Junior' bogie wagons. 


DC Coronation, constructed by Franz Nowack, using BR01 Trix Express mechanism and reproduction TTR body casting and tender.

2-6-4 + 4-6-2 Bayer-Garratt project under construction using original TRIX EXPRESS parts: BR24 chassis, BR18 body, BR18 and BR24 tenders, and TTR Weltrol on bogies made from BR01 pony trucks


TTR Warship diesel hydraulic loco painted in DB 'V200' colours alongside usual BR green version.

The Warship class was technically similar to the V200 and was produced in the UK under licence from the German Krauss-Maffei, Munich, who had manufactured quite a number of V200 class diesel locos in 1958 for the DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn). The model was created as a copy of a preserved Warship class running in the U.K.


AUTO TRIX car, from France, using the DC motor as supplied with Trix Construction Kits. There was a built-in reversing switch that was operated by the bumpers, so that the car automatically reversed if it hit a solid object. Sadly the back axle and driving gear train is missing. 

Early tinplate speedboat manufactured by ANFOE (Andreas Foertner, Nuremberg), and a TRIX version (below) made when TRIX was manufactured by V.S.N. (Vereinigte Spielwarenfabriken, Nürnberg)


Fritz Hofmann, David O'Brien, Franz Nowack and Martin Drayson examining a prototype 'Crocodile' loco

'Junior' loco produced in Switzerland, converted to run on the Trix Express system.


Event organiser, Jean-Patrick Enz (on right), awarding a special "Champions" flag to David O'Brien for creating his extensive Trix museum.



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