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September 17th, 2005. The spacious, light hall at Filton near Bristol provided a pleasant room for several layouts and sales tables.





David Holt adds rolling stock to his 12v DC 2-rail layout.

The loco depot on David's layout: Warship diesel, 0-6-0 tank, LNER Peppercorn, BR green Peppercorn, Merlin, repainted blue Scotsman, Class V, Western diesel, BR green Scotsman, Mallard, and 0-6-2 WR tank. 


David explaining what's what to Bruce Jordan

Philip Cooke (right) discussing a repainted American Pullman with John Hopkinson 

TTRCA spares expert, John Hills-Harrop (right), supplying new plastic loco bodies and parts


Trix Express AC E94 Crocodile on Dixon Upcott's table

Peter Berry (left) and Dennis Benson

It's that chap Jordan again, this time studying Geoffrey Robinson's 3-rail fibre track layout


Manyways Annexe building, with wooden Clock Tower, and in the foreground an AC Switcher loco with Refrigerator and Fruit boxcars.

Geoff's loco display: unlined AC 0-4-0, modified Trix Express 4-6-2, Schools, modified 0-4-0 with lengthened boiler, AC 0-4-0, black 4-4-0 Hunt, and green 4-4-0 Hunt. Top right is a 12v DC plastic bodied 0-4-0 tank.


Two repainted TTR American bogie tankers added some colour (color?) to the display.

David Plum's AC layout was based on bakelite track. In the background, a Princess and LMS scale coaches. In the centre, between the Trix Manyways platforms, an LMS suburban train. 

David O'Brien had unearthed a bottle of Trix Shell oil with a French label for the Nord set.


Unfortunately the label is torn on the other side of the bottle.

David had also discovered two types of Elevator Conveyor tower. Look at the diagonal struts on the front ...

...and then compare with this version on which they are missing. Why did Trix change the design?


Thanks to Dave Berry for organising an excellent event


Photos from TTRCA Event near Bristol, UK, 2005


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