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Brian Arnold (TTRCA Membership Secretary and Treasurer) with his French Trix Express set bought in Paris.  

The goods set includes 20/54 Tank loco, BP tank wagon, flat wagon, and box van. Interesting to see all the cardboard filler panels in French.





Here is the 'Place for the second train' card, showing 20/59 4-6-2.

On Brian's layout: Trix Express loco on AC bakelite track, and WR 0-6-2 suburban train on DC fibre track.. 

Trix Express 20/51 again, with goods train including Standard and Shell petrol tankers, and beer van.

An AC layout with early wooden buildings alongside later Manyways.

Another 20/51, this time with disc wheels.

SR Brake Van and TTRCA special wagons: Precision Models, TTRCA, Britains Ltd, Mobiloil, Pratt's Spirit, Colas, and United Dairies.

David Holt's DC layout features the Trix range of card kits: here a Warship diesel passes the engine shed.

On the right are Trix LNER coaches made from card kits.

Class V passes the Gresley 'teak' coaches.

Goods Depot with Esso tanker, covered van and container wagon.

The station building is of a rather humble size.

The Signal Box and Hut.

As usual, the sales tables were well-stocked ...

... including Coal Conveyor and Manyways.

Dixon Upcott always has something unusual on display. His table featured 3 original Trix dealer illuminated signs.

The yellow sign matches the later Trix range of products from 1971.  


Martin and Penny Drayson were kept busy on the TTRCA spares table (left), and once again Steve White's 'help yourself' box of free track was empty by the end of the day. 

Thanks to David O'Brien for organising the event, and to all the Trix enthusiasts who attended to make the day a success.

Photos from TTRCA event near Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK, 2007.


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