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TTRCA Get-Together at Chalfont St Peter, 2009

A grand layout of Bassett-Lowke '0' Gauge was displayed on the hall's raised stage, while Trix and other  layouts,
 and spare parts and sales tables were placed on the main floor.





A view from the corner of the Bassett-Lowke layout, with the Hornby Dublo layout 'Kings End' and Trix tables beyond.

Event organiser, John Hills-Harrop (right), attends the spare parts table
featuring later Trix plastic Western Diesel and steam loco bodies. 

As usual at a TTRCA event, there were plenty of items for sale, including wagons for 1.50 or rarities for .
Here's Adrian Cassidy (left) studying David Johnson's stock.

John Dickens (right) brought along an interesting Bub 'S' gauge demonstration track with an electric AC loco.
He also provided a selection of Trix items for sale, including some nice wagons for just 1.50. 


Clive Parker (left) takes an interest in Geraldine Steele's Minitrix layout. Fitting this 'N' gauge track in the
car boot was obviously a doddle compared to the 'S' and '0' gauge exhibited elsewhere in the hall.


David Plum provided his 'traditional' TTR layout: bakelite track and AC operation.

David had two mineral trains with operating dump wagons taking turns to load at the Coal Conveyor.

Another view of the layout, with long straight track sections to show Trix in action ...

... and Trix definitely not in action.

TTRCA member John Wigglesworth has had his entire Trix collection destroyed by fire and made this request for replacement items.


David Southgate sorting out the electricals on his layout, which used fibre based track
and featured a selection of Trix Express and Trix Twin rolling stock.


Another TTRCA regular, Peter Berry, offering items for sale.

Rebuilt from a wreck by Clive Parker, a Trix Express DC Flier, catalogue No. 758. The DC version is quite rare
as it had a short production run. The AC motor was converted to DC by replacing the
field coil with a bar magnet, as was done on the similar bogie in the Meteor.
 It's odd that Trix invested in new tooling for the bogie frames and roof detailing.

Converted from an AC Diesel Flier, a GWR railcar special by John Hopkinson.

And another special by John, a smart LNER railcar.

Duncan Bell's 2-4-0 special, with modified tender.

The latest TTRCA creation, available soon, Macfisheries transfers for the plastic container loads.

These are two of the special Trix models that Mary Lillford owned.
Mary was TTRCA Secretary for several years, and sadly passed away due to illness.
The loco is 'Lilford Hall', a modified TTR LMS Compound.
Look closely at the modern liveried Diesel behind and you'll discover it's a 1950's TTR Meteor.    


Photos from TTRCA event at Chalfont St Peter, 2009


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